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Playa Uva Snorkel All Inclusive

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Tour Prices: Adults $ 43Children (12 & Under) $ 30

Tour Times: 9:00 AM10:15 AM11:30 AM1:30 PM3:30 PM

Playa Uvas is a charming seaside park with a gorgeous white sand beach that is only steps away from some excellent shallow-water snorkeling. You will be led into the teeming aquatic environment just off Playa Uvas by our bilingual dive guides. The leeward side of Cozumel Island, where Playa Uvas is located, is world renowned for clear waters and abundant sea life.

You are sure to have a hearty appetite after exploring the wondrous undersea environment while snorkeling. You can enjoy a tasty meal with the lovely seascape of Playa Uvas as your setting. Adults will have a choice of chicken fajitas, chicken fajitas, or a fish plate. Kids can enjoy a club sandwich or hamburger. If you would prefer a vegetarian meal, our service-oriented staff can accommodate you if you make a request. There is no better place to enjoy your freshly prepared meal than beside the sugar-white sand and placid turquoise waters of Playa Uvas.

This gorgeous tropical setting is also the ideal place to enjoy a cold beverage while enjoying the warm sunshine, the tropical breeze, and the phenomenal view. Our complimentary open bar offers patrons plenty of choices, including our famous margaritas, rum drinks, beer, bottled water, fruit juices, and sodas, among other selections. Sunbathing on a seaside lounge while sipping an intoxicating cocktail is the perfect way to relax and unwind on your vacation.

In addition to complimentary beverages and a delicious meal, this price of this tour includes snorkeling gear, the entrance fee to Playa Uvas, and marine park fees.

The shallow portion of the Villa Blanca Reef offers snorkelers a thriving habitat to explore. There is abundance of live corals, delicate sea fans and sponges at this reef. You will also see a number of eels slithering around the coral heads. You may see spotted morays, green morays, and golden-tailed eels. The splendid toadfish, a rare species that you will only see in the waters near Cozumel, can also be found at Villa Blanca Reef. You will see an array of tropical fish like squirrel fish, angel fish, parrot fish, and drums. You may even see an octopus or two.

You may some similar species while snorkeling at Paraiso Reef, including the splendid toadfish, octopi, parrot fish, and an array of crustaceans and tropical fish species. Some of the fish that can be viewed at Paraiso include blue-striped grunts, black grouper, and stonefish. Eagle rays can often be seen along the sandy bottom. The spectrum of coral growth at this locale make it a prime diving location; blushing star coral, flower coral, scroll coral, ivory bush coral, green cactus coral, elliptical coral, and tube coral are some of the fantastic coral varieties at Paraiso.

Tour Restrictions: It is your responsibility to read and understand these restrictions

  • Guests who are pregnant
  • Guests who are diabetic
  • Guests with heart Surgery, or have a history of heart attack
  • Guest who may have had hip problems, or walking problems
  • Guests with any kind of recent surgery
  • Guests with asthma condition
  • Age limit is : 7 years old

Tour Highlights

  • Full snorkel gear and park fees
  • Lunch
  • Open bar

Tour Includes

  • Entrance fee
  • Marine Park fee
  • Full snorkel gear (life vest, mask, fins and snorkel)
  • Guided shore snorkel tour
  • Open bar: Coke, Sprite, juice, water, beer, rum, Tequila margaritas, daiquiris, etc.
  • Chicken or beef fajitas, or fish filet for adults, club sandwich or hamburger for children

What To Bring

  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses

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