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Fury Catamarans Caribbean Snorkel Combo

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Tour Prices: Per Person $ 45

Tour Times: 12:45 PM1:00 PM

This incredible combination adventure gives you all of the best aspects of three different kinds of tours: a thrilling catamaran sailing excursion, a snorkeling expedition to two amazing coral reef sites, and a raucous close to the day with unlimited beers and margaritas on an unforgettable sunset cruise.

You'll begin this tour with an amazing sailing cruise along the smooth waters off Cozumel Island. You will appreciate the unmatched beauty of this aquatic paradise. The calm waters off the leeward side of Cozumel offer sailors the ideal setting for catamaran sailing. Our sixty-five foot catamaran has plenty of room for you to spread out with your fellow revelers on this party cruise. There is no better way to view this coastal paradise than from the deck of our sleek sailing catamaran.

You will sail to, not just one, but two incredible snorkeling spots. You will have the chance to go snorkeling at both Palancar Reef and Colombia Reef. These amazing reefs are part of the Meso-American reef system, the second largest on the planet. Both sites are chock full an assortment of exotic marine species as well as brilliantly-colored fish, marine turtles, and more. The calm waters on the leeward side of the island are protected from the rougher waves, winds, and weather of the Caribbean Sea. This calmness results in incredibly clear water for divers and snorkelers. You will appreciate the remarkable visibility in the local waters.

You can then close the day by watching the phenomenal sunset from the decks of our splendid catamaran while enjoying the company of your fellow partiers, and sipping unlimited brews and margaritas.

Tour Restrictions: It is your responsibility to read and understand these restrictions

  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Asthma
  • Respiratory diseases
  • History of ear or sinus surgery

Tour Highlights

  • Sail on a 65-ft state-of-the-art catamaran to the best snorkeling places in Cozumel: Palancar Reef and Colombia Reef

Tour Includes

  • Sail
  • Snorkel
  • Free beverages on board
  • Ice-cold beer, soft drinks, tasty margaritas

What To Bring

  • Towels
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing suit

Tour Disclaimers

  • $2 per person for marine park fee is not included and must be paid the day of tour.

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