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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Snorkeling Tours

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  1. Snorkeling Tours

    Cancun Snorkeling Tours

    Venture into the crystal clear waters of Mexico and enjoy one of our top rated Snorkeling Tours. Experience the calm waters surrounding the Yucatan Peninsula and drift over a field of multicolored reefs while watching the wildlife swim by. As you drift along you will be able to see one of the most diverse ecosystem in the world. A must for any first time visitor, our snorkeling tours will put the beauty and awe of the underwater world at your fingertips. Snorkeling is something that everyone can experience and although it is possible to snorkel from shore you can only reach the best spots by taking one of our Cancun Snorkeling Tours. An excellent addition to any vacation; these snorkeling trips will show you exactly why Cancun is a world-renowned destination for travelers of all ages.

  2. Snorkeling Tours

    Riviera Maya Snorkeling Tours

    A mere 70 miles south of Cancun, The Riviera Maya's white sand and crystal clear blue waters boast some of the worlds finest beaches and coastal lands in the world. Just a steps off the shore you will find the world's second largest barrier reef, and an ecosystem teaming with a rainbow of creatures. The coast is littered with shipwrecks dating back to the 18th Century making this not only a beautiful place to explore but also makes each snorkeling trip a unique adventure. Explore the areas that are not easily accessible from the public beaches on our guided tours and take the trip of a lifetime. The hidden world does not stop at the beach, there are several opportunities to snorkel in one of the Riviera Mayas' Cenotes just a few miles inland.

  3. Snorkeling Tours

    Cozumel Snorkeling Tours

    Awaiting just of the coast of the island of Cozumel is an incredible underwater world teaming with color and diversity. Surrounding the coast are miles of reefs and since Cozumel enjoys over 350 days of sun and clear skies on average, it makes it the perfect spot to enjoy crystal clear snorkeling. What makes Cozumel a unique snorkeling destination is that it has several different types of reef so just by traveling a short distance you are offered stunning view after view of pristine reefs and wildlife all starting at a mere twenty feet below the surface. With Cozumel consistently ranking one of the top 5 destinations in the world to snorkel it goes without saying that a trip to Cozumel is not complete until you have ventured into the clearest waters in the Caribbean.

  4. Snorkeling Tours

    Isla Mujeres Snorkeling Tours

    For those looking for a secluded place to go snorkeling, Isla Mujeres is a picturesque island that offers the perfect place to go snorkeling. The small islands' rugged landscape and natural beauty create an amazing atmosphere of relaxation and wonder and is one of the most scenic places in the area for snorkeling. The coral formations are particularly enjoyable with calm tides surrounding the island year-round. This island is a natural wonder that has stood still in time and stands as a sanctuary for all types of wildlife making this the perfect place to snap some incredible pictures of the islands underwater life. Come aboard one of our snorkeling tours, cruise over the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and enjoy an unforgettable experience on the calm waters of Isla Mujeres.

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Cancun Snorkeling


Explore one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Cancun Snorkeling Tours offer a colorful world of exitement.

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Cancun Snorkeling

Riviera Maya

Home to the worlds second largest barrier reef. Snorkeling in the Riviera Maya offers a crystal clear snorkeling experience.

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Cancun Snorkeling


Just a few steps off the white sandy shores of Cozumel is home to some of the worlds top rated snorkeling locations.

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Cancun Snorkeling

Isla Mujeres

The quite island of Isla Mujeres offers unforgettable coral reef formations, snorkeling tours and sandy beaches.

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Quality Snorkeling Tours We Are #1 For A Reason

A treasure of biodiversity, Mexico's costline is an underwater universe teaming with a variety of marine species. With warm crystal clear waters year-round, our Snorkeling Tours are able to offer a variety of trips that explore the longest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere the Plancar Reef, Underwater caves and caverns and unique formations around the coast lines of Cancun. Each of our Snorkeling Tours offer a spectacular experience, and is run by our experienced tour guides to ensure that you have the best snorkeling experience possible.